MONO Presents the Designers for MONOspace Shoreditch

For MONOspace shoreditch we have met with all the following designers and we have hand-picked each one of the pieces we are showcasing in MONOspace shoreditch, having in mind the aesthetics and the style of the specific neighbourhood.

We are introducing you to…

1. DIGITARIA (womenswear/menswear)


DIGITARIA, designed by Eleftheria Arapoglou is an innovative fashion label that offers bespoke tailoring and strong silhouettes that appeal to both men and women. Digitaria is a label known for its design with a style statement, merging wear ability with a high-end appeal. Digitaria label holds a distinctive style that stands out for the cut, the shape and the attitude. The Digitaria label represents the collaboration of creative thinking and a will to exchange ideas and interact with different creative partners. Digitaria has frequently crossed its path outside the mainstream fashion world through its collaboratives with different artists and Art institutions, such as Athens Biennale (XYZ project), Kunsthalle Athena, Benaki Museum, La Gaite Lyrique Museum in Paris, Centraal Museum in Utrecht and many more.

Why we picked DIGITARIA?

Eleutheria is one the most well respected Greek designers in and out of Greece. She is a very calm, elegant but edgy girl with a style that can be easily recognised within the Greek fashion industry. And that was the reason why we wanted to work with her. Her clothes have grace even when they are structure and strict. We also love the collaborative spirit of Digitaria. The brand has started a series of collaborative works with artists coming from different creative paths like photography and performance.

2. DIDO (womenswear/menswear)


Dido Pitaouli studied at Central Saint Martins, London and Istituto Marangoni, Paris before moving back to her hometown to launch her own clothing line. Always going against the grain, she infused dido with androgynous pieces that push the boundaries of Greek fashion.

Why we picked DIDO?

Dido is one of the youngest designers we are showcasing for mono Shoreditch. She is now designing her third collection for both men and women. We believe she is the most promising emerging designer in Greece.

We selected her because she is funny as a person but also very creative and contemporary. Her creations reflect her personality and the results are excellent textures, generous lines and clean shapes. What we loved about the clothes is that they are beautifully contemporary but at the same time elegant and eternal.

3. CLON8 (womeswear)

Photo by Kostis Fokas
Photo by Kostis Fokas

The founder of the London-based CLON8 brand Angelika Chilikova is a Kazakhstan-born, half-Greek, half-Russian fashion designer and craftswoman.

Hailing from a long line of tailors and craftsmen, she began tailoring at a very young age. Her international pedigree has infused her work with cultural influences from Central Asia through the Adriatic via Russia.
She spent several years working in Greece and Britain for a number of high concept fashion brands before launching CLON8 in 2012. Chilikova designs and pattern-cuts every garment, making each piece of her collection unique.

Why we picked CLON8?

We love Angelika’s enthusiastic personality and we also love the mysterious ease of Clon8 silhouettes. CLON8 brings uniqueness through texture, design and creative cutting. It forges an intriguing bond between urban and modern with a unique combination of luxury quality and sensuality. There is a blurred line between genders, the avant-garde, ready to wear and conceptions of the norm that fits perfectly with the rest of our brands in mono Shoreditch.

4. STELIOS KOUDOUNARIS (womenswear and menswear)


Stelios Koudounaris with 14 collections under his personal label could be placed among the establish designers in Greece despite his young age. As long as he can remember, he was always involved in fashion, since his family in Cyprus owned a fashion business and you can say so by taking a closer look to his creations. His collections work in a way to elect the human body while he is using a mixture of razor-cut clear designs and futuristic mood.


For us Stelios gives a little bit of a more rock urban air to our selection of pieces for Shoreditch mono shop. We like his professionalism and his aesthetics that are both Greek-Cypriot but also dynamic and very urban.

He is one of the few Athens-based designers with distribution in more than 50 selling points all around the world including USA, Italy, Korea.

5. SOTIRIS GEORGIOU (menswear)

Sotiris Georgiou2

Sotiris Georgiou founded his brand in 2004 starting with a women’s collection. His first collection for men came 2 years later in 2006. His modern design is an eclectic taste of clothes combining the old formulas with the new air of practical simplicity. His creations are being affected by the urban sounds and scenes of Athens, the city where he lives and breathes in. His inspirations vary from the geometrical shapes of Japanese style to the folklore and traditional Greek dresses.

He has been presented as a promising fashion designer in many international titles of Greek editions such us Madame Figaro, InStyle, Votre Beaute.


Sotiris is one of these people who you can talk with for hours. He is simple, direct and full of energy. He is young but with a lot of knowledge on the history of the Greek clothing, which leads him to beautiful modern but also very Greek creations for men from around the world.

6. V-SOCIETY (womenswear)


Silent luxury, timeless elegance that goes beyond the boundaries of seasonal fashion are the essential elements of the V-SOCIETY collections. When the creative principal that constitutes the V-SOCIETY collection is nothing less than high quality and the everquest for sophisticated style beyond the season, then the outcome is bound to reward the V Society woman with effortless grace and the charm of an era bygone, yet more modern than ever.

Why we picked V-SOCIETY?

Vaida Pilelyte is the only designer we present in MONO that is not Greek but her big love for Greece brought her in our country where she now lives and creates. All her beautiful creations are hand made in Greece. V-SOCIETY adds some colour in our MONOtonous collection. In addition, the clothes despite their feminism are still very structure and contemporary.

7. A Future Perfect (womenswear and design objects)

City on top _Athens _Blue _by A Future Perfect_ photo by Ioanna Chatziandreou_66

A Future Perfect is an Athens-based concept-brand, established in 2013 by architects Katerina Grigoropoulou and Evi Sougkara. AFP products and projects stretch between the fields of industrial fashion and spatial design, created under the strong influence of their architectural background. Their “City on Top” project has taken them to Amsterdam, where they participated in the Textile Architecture Exhibition hosted by ARCAM and XS ARCHITECTURE.

Why we picked AFP?

The tops of AFP were actually one of the pieces that inspired us to do the mono project in the first place. The quality of leather they use for their tops in combination with the most amazing idea of all was the reason why really wanted to have them on board for mono project. They perfectly present the most Greek thing (the map of the historical centre of Athens) in a very fashionable and modern way.

8. EMBRACE (womenswear)


Embrace could be described as a dialogue between two mismatched aesthetics, creating garments with attention to detail and precision while focusing on structure and geometric cuts. The air of effortless coolness characterizes their creations that are addressing to the eclectic women. Elissavet Athanasia and Eva Doppelganger are the youngest designers we have on board for mono Shoredtich. They founded their brand Embrace in 2014 while still in college. They are now presenting their second collection for Embrace and the results are fascinating considering their age.

Why we picked EMBRACE?

We liked Embrace from the first moment we laid our eyes on the clothes. You can instantly tell their creations have a different dynamic while presenting a concept that is very advanced for their age.


9. CHRISTINA ECONOMOU (womenswear)

Christina Economou

Christina Economou started her journey in fashion by attending Parsons and Istituto Marangoni in Paris, where she won the 2011 International Award at London Graduate Fashion Week.

After briefly working for Giambattista Valli and as a correspondent for Greek Vogue in Paris, she returned home to her native Athens in 2013 to fulfil her dream of launching her own label.


We absolutely love Christina’s classic forms with a focus on beautiful prints, rich fabrics and unconventional cuts. Her collections reflect her own effortless and eclectic style, resulting in a line that is as cool and progressive as it is timeless and respectful. For mono Shoreditch we made a small but strong selection of some of her statement pieces, mostly spring outerwear, like parkas and jackets with a sophisticated twist and bright colours.

10. We Are Still Bold and Beautiful (womenswear and menswear)


Launched in 2013 by a graphic designer, an architect and an artist, “We are still Bold and Beautiful” is a young clothing brand specializing in urban clothing and unique silk-screen printing. Creative directors Giorgos Mpagakis, Eleni Mpagaki and Elena Tsapaki bring together elements from different disciplines, giving to their designs a distinctive character. BB combines the traditional method of screen printing with an urban contemporary aesthetic and gets its inspiration from internet culture, nature, wild life, old encyclopaedias, text book – anything scientific and non-scientific, turning simple objects into curiosities and clothing into something special.

Why we picked We Are Still BB?

This is our playful choice of a brand! With a very good price point and witty graphics printed on men’s and women’s casualwear, they will give a more cheerful sense in mono, considering that the rest of the brands are quite abstract and “serious”. With their strong presence in the social media, smart lookbooks and editorials, as well as their distinctive packaging will definitely find their crowd in London.

11. MYKSA (womenswear)


With a poem written on each label are accompanied all the eco furs of the new GreekFashion Brand Myksa inspired by the concept of the homonymous Fashion poetry blog:

Fashion and Poetry are intertwined art forms. The powerful voice of the Poets , comes to describe the individuality of personal style and to praise diversity, through stylistic choices as timeless way of expression and a form of personal interactive art, fully exposed to the recipients.

Faux Furs by myksa.

These are the basic projects of fashion designer Angeliki Kotronis and fashion stylist & blogger Angeliki Ntaoutis.

Mostly capsule collections, with faux furs in the most unusual colours. The fabrics are chosen selectively in Italy and production was made in a small factory in Athens, Greece.

The patterns used are in simple lines, emphasizing more in the uniqueness of the fabrics.

Why we picked MYKSA?

The two girls with the same name but with different characters bring into the Myksa team a dynamic that we absolutely love and it has an appeal on their creations too! Myksa faux furs are fun, cool and unique and that is what describe MONO as well!

12. The ARTIANS (womenswear)

The Artians

Sofia Vayena studied Arts, is a painter and the art director of the Artians, while Konstantina Kampisopoulou studied fashion design and interior architecture and she is in charge of the management of the brand. They imagined The Artians as a fashion club open to art lovers and bold fashion trendsetters and they create exclusive hand printed garments defined by their rare craftsmanship and dedication to the detail. Using as an inspiration art, jewellery, mythology and architecture deriving from ancient times till today they make digital art collages they then construct and print by hand onto the garments.

Why we picked The ARTIANS?

We really love The Artians’s concepts of simplicity, comfort, elegance while at the same time their designs are super easy and wearable from day to night using high quality Greek cotton and jersey fabrics. The Artians are presenting a mix of classic and modern Greek elements in their creations that suit well with the concept of MONOspace shoreditch.

13. BIJOUX BIZARRES (jewellery)

Bijoux Bizarrea 2

Bijoux Bizarres started as a study on mediterranean jewellery and for their initiators it has become a magnificent journey from tradition to fashion.  The creative team of Bijoux Bizarres draws inspiration from mythology, history and tradition, also using modern forms & abstraction in order to design their unique pieces of style. Dominating patterns of Bijoux Bizarres demonstrate clear references to the mediterranean mentality: appreciation of beauty, simplicity, strength, pride but also contradiction and vanity.

Initial implementations of bijoux bizarres in the nineties followed the technique of repousse on pitch but in 2010, the team came up with the ‘modular jewellery’ concept, transforming most patterns to modules of ‘condensed’ design and then to structural components of bigger pieces~  while sterling silver is the principal ‘ingredient’ of all handmade collections, Bijoux Bizarres designers dare to enrich their ‘palette’ with various interesting elements, from traditional embroidery to digital engraving on plexi. 

The b-proud collection presented for MONOspace shoreditch is inspired by the brides of the mediterranean islands~ beautiful silver ornaments, crosses and sacred symbols set on colourful embroidery make a statement of pride, boldness, happiness and hope. Rula Strataki with her 20 years experience as a fashion editor, and Panos Kardasis with his heritage research and hands-on silversmith knowledge are the team behind Bijoux Bizarres.

Why we picked Bijoux Bizzares?

Bijoux Bizzares for b-proud collection that will be presented in MONO Shoreditch, combines silver motives on hand-made embroidery necklaces that are absolutely amazing. This collection for us represents the dynamic of Greek history and art when is being exploited by talented Greek people. We are very excited to present this collection in the store.

14. AUMORFIA (jewellery)


Aumorfia is the project of Theano Ravazoula-Potamianou, an interior and graphic designer with a deco-stylist background in interior design and lifestyle magazines and campaigns. She is also the co-founder of visual bytes, a 2D/3D Design and Visualization office. Aumorfia is not an actual word; It’s a notion invented to convey the “space” between the Greek words “ομορφιά” (beauty) and “αμορφία” (without shape).

Handmade, using pure leather in various textures, Aumorfia’s jewellery and body pieces are identified by clear lines, sharp cuts, smooth surfaces and unique synthesis. Aumorfia’s items attempt to be a part of the body, of human motion, an extension of clothes.

Why we picked AUMORFIA?

Aumorfia is one of our most important brands, because of the craftsmanship, unique design and brand’s strong image. Every single piece in our selection matches flawlessly the clothes in MONO.

15. IOANNA SOUFLIA (jewellery)


Ioanna Souflia is the London based designer behind the homonym brand “Ioanna Souflia”. After graduating with Honours from Central Saint Martins in 2014 and with an unexpected background in Law studies, she launched her first collection setting out to challenge the norms.

With an inherent curiosity and a tendency for experimentation, the designer’s _in between_ collection embodies a creative synthesis of antithesis that introduces a modern take on luxury. Exuberant sculptural forms are paired with structured lines and linear patterns, minimalistic and futuristic elements blend with art deco influences in a black and white scenery celebrating differentiation.

With a strong element of contrast, the collection, made out of unique Thasos marble, as the key material, and rhodium plated silver, captures the designer’s aesthetic and showcases the brand’s vision of precious jewellery. Blurring the lines between fine, contemporary and fashion jewellery, the designer introduces herself with excitingly diverse statement pieces.

Launched in June 2014, after being nominated runner up for the Swarovski x CSM award, the designer’s first jewellery collection was presented at London Fashion Week SS15 during the show of fashion designer Jean-Pierre Braganza and featured in fashion magazines, such as Fault, L’Officiel Hellas and On the Rocks magazine.

Why we picked IOANNA SOUFLIA?

The niche material Ioanna selected to create her artefacts (marble) is purely Greek but her finished pieces although they have such strong greek elements they become pieces of fine art with no country. Ioanna jewellery is breathtaking and so edgy that we could not not have her with us for MONOspace shoreditch.

16. CHRYSOKONA MAVROU (jewellery)


Chrysokona graduated from the School of Architecture of the National Technical University of Athens [NTUA]in Greece. She holds a Master in Advanced Architecture of the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonya [IaaC] in Barcelona. Her work has been awarded and published world-wide.
Her professional experience includes “Enric Ruiz Geli / Cloud 9″ Office of Architecture in Barcelona and”SPARCH Sakellaridou/Papanikolaou Architects” in Athens.
The current basic field of her interest and research is related to how to produce architectural systems in various scales.
Chrysokona’s 3D printed in durable nylon plastic jewellery is inspired by pylon wireframes and look more like delicate art objects rather than jewellery, but how luck one must feel when wearing something so beautiful and arty on them.


In Chrysokona’s art and design we once again found the combination between two disciplines that work together in harmony to create beautiful makings.

17. MARIA MASTORI (jewellery)

maria mastori1

Maria Mastori was born in Athens where she has established a longstanding career in the contemporary jewellery design. Her work as a designer and contemporary artist is well known for the past 30 years in Greece and abroad.

Her jewellery have been presented in a variety of museums around the world: Benakis Museum in Athens (1999), Michael Cacoyiannis Foundation (2009), Hellenic American Union Athens (2010), Hasselt Museum in Belgium (2011), Byron museum Nicosia (2011), Musee des Arts Decoratifs Paris (2012), La Gaite Lyrique Paris (2013) ,Centraal Museum Utrecht (2013).

Her work can be characterized for her bold, raw approach as well as the way she combines contradictory and sometimes quite different materials. Her love for precious and gemstones is also obvious.

Why we picked MARIA MASTORI?

Maria has been one of the pioneers in jewellery making in Greece. We respect her persona and admire her work and it is a big honour to show her work in MONOspace shoreditch.


Christina Ioannidou low res

Christina Ioannidou is a brand of Artefacts & Jewellery created to reflect a deep interest into cultures and tribes around the world.

Pieces of art that represent and underline the identity of the wearer.


Christina’s work is breathtaking and catches the viewer’s eye the moment you lay eyes on her creations. She stands between fashion and art and we wanted to work with her for MONO Shoreditch to make an immediate impact to all people who look at our window. It is not a coincidence that Vogue Hommes International and W have picked her work for a number of editorial!

19. PAVLINA ALEXIA JEWEL (jewellery)


Studying painting in the Athens School of Fine Arts, Pavlina Verouki first came in contact with the jewellery scene, as she started working next to renowned Greek designers, firstly by learning techniques and, in a short while, as an assistant designer. Coming back to Athens from the Netherlands, where she continued her studies in Visual Arts, she went on working in silversmitting studios. For the past 2 years she is working on her own collections, which she considers as a continuity of her artistic work.

Her new collection, Three Bullets And one Boat, starts from the linear representation of three bullets cut transversely, so the mechanisms seem to be reversed and thus the bullets dysfunctional. In the course of her research she noticed that the outer shape of the floor plan of a passenger ship is similar to the outer shape of the bullets with a completely different structure on the inside. Thus, the series consists of floor plan passenger ship pieces in conjunction with accessories and figures of the three bullets. While externally they may seem as aggressive shapes, conceptually they consist of something very pleasant, as the representation of the spaces of a passenger ship, used mainly for beautiful summer trips.


Pavlina Alexia combines art and jewellery making in a mystic way. Her latest collection presented at MONOspace shoreditch, is the proof that the Greek summer experience could actually be such a great inspirational point for someone. We love how we see Pavlina’s makings and think of Greek summers and Greek islands.

20. ALIKI STROUMPOULI (jewellery)


Aliki was born and raised in Athens. After she finished her studies in sculpture and photography at the Athens School of Fine Arts she moved to London for a MA in jewellery design at the Royal College of Art. She has participated in numerous exhibitions around Europe and her work is being exhibited in various shops, galleries and museums in Athens, London and Tokyo.

She is an artist whose extraordinary work encompasses jewellery, sculpture, photography, and product design. Inspired by the surreal, Aliki’ s creations surprise and scandalise in a playful manner.

Her interest focuses in transforming selected, inspiring and interestingly shaped ready-mades, into portable and wearable body decoration.

Items are meant to be approached from various directions and studied from different points of view in order to play with ones perception.

“I love misplacing familiar, everyday items and introducing them into completely new, irrelevant spaces by changing their identity and function. They become ‘others’ when we encounter them in unexpected places”.


Aliki is one of these persons with deep knowledge of their art and a great personality with a twist and a dark side that reflects to her jewellery.

21. NEFELIA (jewellery)


Nefeli Papanagiotou is an architect-fashion designer. Having graduated from Mackintosh School of Architecture and Brighton University, her studies in fashion design followed, in Akto design school, Athens, Greece. These helped her to switch from Architecture to fashion design in order to work in smaller creative projects.

With the culture of the architect, Nefelia was born to give an industrial kick to fashion and jewelry design. Chunky plexiglas necklaces in strong colour combinations and unexpected futuristic shapes that fit perfectly on the human body create a dialogue between architecture and fashion.

Why we picked NEFELIA?

For MONOspace shoreditch we are focusing a lot into combining the spheres of fashion and architecture. NEFELIA’s jewellery will play a playful part and will give a little bit of a sparkle to our MONOchrome clothes’ selection.

22. BLANC (hats)


Konstantinia Vafeiadou founded her brand Blanc for a unique collection of handmade hats in 2012, in Athens. She studied Fine Arts and Costume design at London College of Fashion and worked as a freelance costume designer for theatre productions and produced a number of performances presented in festivals and theatres around the world. In 2011 she represented Greece in Extreme Costume section of Prague Quadrennial, the most influential set design exhibition worldwide. Her passion for craftsmanship and design inspired her to experiment on millinery techniques and explore the boundaries between fashion and art.

Why we picked BLANC?

Blanc is the only hats’ brand we have included in our inventory for MONOspace shoreditch and that is not a coincidence. Each piece that Konstantinia makes is hand crafted, unique and individual, incorporating traditional materials and modern techniques. We love how she combines design elegance and functionality.


DeepShallowExposition copy

Founded in 2007, DSE is an umbrella/ platform/ motherly hug created under the pretext to embrace all the creative people. Its main goal is artistic expression, enriched and combined with collaborations.
Deep Shallow conceptualises every single item that creates as a small piece of art, a unique sculpture and loves everything that combines beauty and functionality. DSE sunglasses are 100% made by hand, using only premium quality materials, such as 100% biodegradable and Eco Friendly Cellulose Acetate, CE approved.
Every item is designed and manufactured exclusively in Athens, Greece by Elisabeth Leau who studied Architecure in Central Saint Martins in London.


Deep Shallow Exposition summarises why we believe that Greece has many unexplored talents. Young people like Elisabeth with loads of talent and appetite to work and create something from Greek materials for all the people out there. We couldn’t have a complete collection without including DSE sunglasses for mono shop.

24. RAin PATTERNS (scarves)


Recycling Architecture in Patterns started in 2008 when Vicky Lavranou (an architect) decided to “recycle” her architectural drawings creating patterns for upholsteries and wallpapers in her interior design projects. RAinpattens scarves are made from real Greek silk, digitally printed using ecofriendly –UV protected ink. The silk is produced in the Greek city of Soufli that has a long history of Greek silk production since the Byzantine times. Her creations have been listed in not just a label website.

Why we picked RAin PATTERNS?

Vicky’s creations are part of mono’s first showcase as they link two creative sides into one with great results. Architecture and fashion meet again in a different way this time to create beautiful patterns for fashion items.



Designer Helen Heliotou was born in Greece and studied Marketing Management in The American College of Greece. With a background as marketing executive in a leading cosmetics company, she launched her capsule collection in 2014. 2H is about two materials, Plexiglas® and leather, two textures, frost and velvet, two worlds, futuristic and classic combined in absolute harmony under the creative design outlook of Helen Heliotou, Having gained a deep understanding of production techniques and upper quality craftsmanship Helen Heliotou creates her luxurious bags in ergonomic designs with magnetic closures exclusively handcrafted in Athens, focusing in detail and functionality.

Why we picked HELEN HELIOTOU?

We loved 2H bags from the first time we saw them as they are made by high quality materials (Nappa calf leather and nickel hardware) and they have a minimalistic effect that matches perfectly our clothes selection in mono Shoreditch while exude an air of luxury, elegance and uniqueness.

26. IPPOLITO (bags)


Pavlina Papailiopoulou, a graduate of Istituto Marangoni and the University of Reading, travelled from London to Milan to NYC, working at the RTW creative team of Bottega Veneta, under creative director Tomas Maier. Her first own collection was born when she returned to Athens in October 2009, and it was the culmination of a series of experiences she gained working for the renowned house. The Ippolito bags are all about high quality and timeless shapes, but most of all, Ippolito is about attention to detail. Exclusively hand crafted at the centre of Athens by fine Italian leather, each Ippolito bag is destined to for those who show a certain affection for modernity, but at the same time appreciate the beauty of timeless shapes.

Why we picked IPPOLITO?

IPPOLITO is maybe the best contemporary Greek bag brand and we are very excited that we carry the most iconic shapes in our first MONOspace shoreditch.


Georgina Skalidi2

Georgina Skalidi was born and raised in Thessaloniki and she studied at L.I.S.A.A College of Applied Arts in Paris, where she graduated with a degree in Fashion Design as a Stylist-Modelist. Following her studies she relocated in Athens, and worked as a fashion stylist for major women magazines. Furthermore, her work has been published internationally in Iconique, UCE Magazine and German FHM. The decision to create her own line of handmade clutch bags – which she both designs and constructs – derived from her inner necessity to express creativity and sense of styling through her own work. Establishing from the very beginning her signature technique and always with an emphasis in geometry, Georgina Skalidi moulds leather into clutch bags, where the excellence of materials and handmade production process is accompanied by a fresh, chic almost postmodern vintage sense.

Currently, Georgina Skalidi runs two own-stores in Greece. In 2012 she collaborated with Eastpack for the Artist Studio collection, became part of Boticca’s USA designers community ( and was featured by Vogue Italy on the New Talents section.


We believe a lot in Giorgina’s unique shape clutches and bags and we are sure they are going to fit perfectly with the structured – minimal style of the clothes for MONOspace shoreditch.

28. STUDIOLAV (design object)


STUDIOLAV is a young and passionate, multidisciplinary, design studio founded by Central Saint Martins graduates Loukas Angelou and Vasso Asfi.

Through their work they look into different ways of reinterpreting ideas and typologies. With playful and ironic spirit they express their investigating tendencies and curiosities regarding perceptions of form and materiality. They highly value the importance of the emotional connection between people and objects and they often use narratives to expose it.

STUDIOLAV was nominated for the prestigious award of EDIDA (Elle Decoration International Design Awards) under the category of Young Talent Designer of the Year 2013 and were shortlisted for the BIO23 Design Biennial Award in Ljubljana in 2012 under the category Back to Crafts. AWARDS AND EXHIBITIONS: Nominated for Young Designer of the Year 2013 (EDIDA), Shortlisted for BIO23 Design Biennial Award, Back to Crafts, Ljubljana 2012 International Biennale, Santorini 2012 Design Lab, Athens 2012 S M L XL Hellenic Design, Athens 2011
The Temporium by Dezeen, London 2011 London Design Festival 2010, 2011& 2012 Artsmart, London 2011 Pulse, Selected by CSM, London 2011 & 2012

Why we picked STUDIOLAV?

Their work is the epitome of the combination between Greek traditions and Greek contemporary design. We had to have them on our side, as their aesthetic is very similar to ours.

MONOspace shoreditch

19 – 29 March 2015 

30A Redchurch Street, E2 7DP

Opening Hours

Mon – Sat, 10:00 – 18:00

Sun, 11:00 – 18:00

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