MONO presents Its Greek Designers For MONOspace NottingHill

For MONOspace NottingHill, we have worked together with the following Greek Designers in order to bring you the best “must have” pieces for you Summer holidays..

Get inspired by…

Annie P (womenswear)

Annie P

Annie Papadimitriou is a printed textile designer from Athens/Greece. Annie studied in London at the Chelsea College of Arts and in 2006 she received a Masters Degree at he Royal College of Art in printed textiles. In 2007 she started an inspirational two year collaboration in Italy with Roberto Cavalli, where she worked on his first line designs. At the same time, she diversified her portfolio beyond the fashion world into interior design. Successfully creating among other things, chairs, pillows and curtains. Upon returning to Greece in 2009, Annie became a freelance designer for both the fashion and interior design world. During the past few years she has had some very successful collaborations with international fashion brands like Pinko, Vrettos Vrettakos, LiuJo, Toujouri to name but a few.

Why we picked Annie P?

Patterns, Patterns and Patterns! We love them and Annie Papadimitriou knows how to design them! Simple, effortless, comfy but also super stylish pieces that you can wear from day to night..

More about Annie P

Christina Economou (womenswear)

christina economou

Christina Economou started her journey in fashion by attending Parsons and Istituto Marangoni in Paris, where she won the 2011 International Award at London Graduate Fashion Week. After briefly working for Giambattista Valli and as a correspondent for Greek Vogue in Paris, she returned home to her native Athens in 2013 to fulfil her dream of launching her own label.

Why we picked Christina Economou?

We absolutely love Christina’s classic forms with a focus on beautiful prints, rich fabrics and unconventional cuts. For MONOspace NottingHill we made a small but strong selection of some of her statement pieces, mostly made by surprising fabrics!

More about Christina Economou

Ioanna Kourbela (womenswear)


The way clothes envelope the unique energy flow of every human body is Ioanna Kourbela’s main source of inspiration along with the elements in nature, the hectic pace of life and cultural diversity of Athens, Greece.

Why we picked Ioanna Kourbela?

Because her collections that reveal the different aspects of a minimalist aesthetic embracing the simplicity and charm of classical harmony, using only Greek natural material to express the always elegant greek summer moods.

More about Ioanna Kourbela

Kimalé (womenswear)


Kimalé was established in 2013 by Irène Mamfredos, a French/Greek designer based in Athens, Greece, together with her friend and pattern-maker Aliki Demi. Using high quality fabrics -often handmade or rare- from all over Africa, they created a collection of unique clothes and accessories with clean cut silhouettes and functional shapes. Marrying the vibrant and colourful palette of traditional African culture with the minimalist side of contemporary urban style. Kimalé embraces the movement of “slow fashion”. The label sources many fabrics from the French association “Les Piroguiers” which is active in Togo and Burkina Faso, helping schools with material and funds and supporting a number of local artisans.

Why we picked Kimalé?

For MONOspace NottingHill we want to create a concept of purely summer joy and Kimalé’s prints and colours are adding that! With unique pieces for both urban or rural holidays, that can be effortlessly combined, they add to everyday life a splash of colour and joy.

More about Kimalé

Olga Efterpiou (womenswear)

Olga Efterpiou

Olga Efterpiou is a Womenswear & Print Designer, recently graduated with a BA Fashion Design from Middlesex University. Her focus is on printed textiles, inspired by roots of different cultures and traditional crafts. Her collection is based on her home country, Greece, and in particular the summers and naval culture that adorns its history.

Why we picked Olga Efterpiou?

Since we have both agreed on Olga’s natural talent in fashion design, we could not imagine having a Greek Summer inspired concept without including Olga’s creations that look closely at fishermen, their boats and the patterns and texts used to adorn their vessels, Olga designed a series of digital prints for silk and screen prints for linen, which she brings together with the subtle use of cork and boat style ropes.

More about Olga Efterpiou

Parthenis (womenswear)


Dimitris Parthenis opened his first store in Athens in 1970. The next venture in 1978 was in Mykonos, a great source of inspiration for the designer, but also the stepping stone for international fame. Today the Parthenis look remains timeless and simple with a unisex easy-living feel and a pure elegant Greek aesthetic. Orsalia Parthenis continues her father’s tradition based on the same concept and quality and mood.

Why we picked Parthenis?

One of the most established and well known fashion houses in Greece, Parthenis is being characterised by its elegant and flow shapes that refers you immediately to the eternal Greek Summer style. We are proud to work with Parthenis and can not wait to showcase their creations in MONOspace NottingHill.

More about Parthenis

Dido (womenswear)


Dido Pitaouli studied at Central Saint Martins, London and Istituto Marangoni, Paris before moving back to her hometown to launch her own clothing line.

Why we picked DIDO?

One the most promising emerging designers in Greece, Dido Pitaouli S/S 15 pieces are as much feminine as very contemporary and they had to be a part of MONOspace NottingHill collection for excellent textures, generous lines and clean but yet super elegant shapes.

More about Dido

Wildwood (womenswear)


Inspired by a need to create. Fuelled by a lifetime career in fashion. Lovingly designed and proudly made in Greece by Melissa Metaxa.

Why we picked Wildwood?

Wildwood clothes are the kind of clothes that once you wear them, you don’t want to take the off! With amazingly girly and yet elegant but at the same time sophisticated pieces, Wildwood is for sure one of our favourites picks for MONOspace NottingHill!

More about Wildwood

V-Society (womenswear)


 Silent luxury, timeless elegance that goes beyond the boundaries of seasonal fashion are the essential elements of the V-SOCIETY collections. When the creative principal that constitutes the V-SOCIETY collection is nothing less than high quality and the everquest for sophisticated style beyond the season, then the outcome is bound to reward the V Society woman with effortless grace and the charm of an era bygone, yet more modern than ever.

Why we picked V-SOCIETY?

Hand made flawless pieces that will still your heart and all made in Athens! Once we touched the clothes, we knew we had to have them to our showcase. Garmets that embrace the female body and add something magical to the person wearing them!

More about V-Society

Wéngko Molé (beachwear)

Wéngko Molé Turquoise Skirt

Wéngko Molé is a Lodon-based company that specialises in fine silk resort wear, digitally printed in the UK. Finished with intricate details sourced in every corner of the world, our garments aim to offer you a truly unique summer experience.

Why we Picked Wéngko Molé?

Christina, the brain and soul behind Wéngko Molé is a charismatic young lady with a fantastic taste in print making and aesthetics. Her creations will be dearly loved by anyone who wears them as these pieces of silk are so tasteful and soft that that you will want to feel them on you all the time! Just the perfect summer piece of cloth.

More about Wégko Molé

Paolita (swimwear)


Paolita is a London based swimwear and beachwear brand which was launched in 2010 by Anna Paola, whose creative vision has driven the label within a short time, to become an international  ‘must have’ luxury swimwear brand. Paolita’s recognizable signatures are the distinctive cuts with carefully positioned panels as to flatter the female silhouette and the detailed, vibrant prints, uniquely designed by Anna Paola.

Why we picked Paolita?

Paolita is a sophisticated fusion between romantic sensuality and edgy style, with it’s characteristically eye-catching designs and exclusive prints quickly becoming distinctive trends in the world of luxury swimwear. Beautiful swimwear that we can live in for the whole of our eternal Greek Summer days and nights!

More about Paolita

Detailors (swimwear)


Founded in 2012 by desinger Dimitra Adam, Detailors is characterized by the high quality of fabrics and elegant shapes. That is Detailors collaborate only with an exclusive team of ladies’ tailors and not opt for mass produced garments.

Why we picked Detailors?

From the many swimwear brands once can find in Greece, Detailors are our favourites as the lines of Dimitra’s designs aim to show that comfort and style can be compatible. The latest swimwear collection reflect the woman’s need for a perfect fit. Exquisite fabrics, colourful prints and fine tailoring make these pieces unique and a joy to wear.

More about Detailors 

 Deep Shallow Exposition (sunglasses)


Founded in 2007, DSE is an umbrella/ platform/ motherly hug created under the pretext to embrace all the creative people. Its main goal is artistic expression, enriched and combined with collaborations. Deep Shallow conceptualises every single item that creates as a small piece of art, a unique sculpture and loves everything that combines beauty and functionality. DSE sunglasses are 100% made by hand, using only premium quality materials, such as 100% biodegradable and Eco Friendly Cellulose Acetate, CE approved. Every item is designed and manufactured exclusively in Athens, Greece by Elisabeth Leau who studied Architecure in Central Saint Martins in London.


Deep Shallow Exposition summarises why we believe that Greece has many unexplored talents. Young people like Elisabeth with loads of talent and appetite to work and create something from Greek materials for all the people out there. We couldn’t have a complete collection without including DSE sunglasses for mono shop again.

More about DSE

Generation Generous* (bags)

Generation Generous

Nearly 12 years ago and one year after Natasha started her business oriented research degree at Cambridge University, her mother Elizabeth, a talented Fashion Designer graduate from LSF and a great, vibrant and sensitive woman, passed away suddenly from leukaemia cancer. Shocked and numb Natasha wanted to follow her inherited flair for fashion by conveying a career in the field. For several years she worked and travelled internationally designing and producing bags and accessories in India and China for major international brands and retailers. Mumbai was that trip where she felt compelled about doing something to change the impact of fashion accessories like bags. To change their impact towards the environment, the people who make them and people around the world that need help, through creating a truly “Generous” bag that could “carry” our consumer power to change the world.

Why we picked Generation Generous*?

 With Generation Generous* we share the belief that all of us hold the power to change how fashion impacts the world through our choices as consumers. Fair terms of trade and decent conditions for workers, artisans and producers in every part of the world are a step towards improving the impact of fashion upon global society.  A vital part of Generation Generous*  mission is to change the social impact of bags on the people who make them, whether they are in Europe, Africa, in Asia or anywhere in the world. At the same time they hope to raise awareness about respectful and ethical working conditions in our industry. MONO could not agree more..

Rainy July (bags)

rainy july

These quirky clutches are made from classic old swimming caps from a factory in Peloponnese. They are hand-sewn into bags, trimmed with real leather and close with a zipper. The desingner’s  grandmother, Erifili was one of the most stylish women the designer has ever known – half- Italian, half-Greek, she would visit the hairdresser at least twice a week so he could tease and style her tumbling blonde curls. Her favorite memories of her involve a day at Rafina beach, when she would stash her beautiful hair safely inside a chic swimming cap, slip on her mustard yellow bathing suit and lounge there, dipping in the sea occasionally whenever she finished a magazine.

Why we picked Rainy July?

Martha, the designer of Rainy July’s beautiful clutches is a practising architect based in Athens but she  has always been passionate about design, especially the heritage of Greek craftsmanship. She always wanted to share that passion and it was sitting on a beach on the island of Kythera that gave her the idea for Rainy July. When we first laid eyes on these clutches we tried to wear them as cap..only to realize that they work so much better as clutches!

More about Rainy July

Park House (bags)

park house

Park house was born in 2011, by Myrto Loupa and Fedra Katsambas, inspired by their enthusiasm for all things beautiful and unique. Their passion is the creation of timeless leather pieces combining class and elegance, with a modern twist. Following their studies at Insead and Marangoni respectively and years of experience in fashion power houses, they decided to embark on this new adventure in an effort to revive an almost lost Greek craftsmanship. Luxurious leather goods, are hand crafted only in Greece using some of the finest Italian leather, ensuring that all needs of both aesthetics and practicality are perfectly met.

Why we picked Park House?

 In Greece, girls are already adoring Park House bags! And we don’t think that this is just a coincidence! Their leather is soft to touch and their colours are super cute and fun! You will love them!

More about Park House

TAGARI (bags)

meliti bag tagari

Founded in 2012 by Natasa Macrymichalou, TAGARI presents a collection of high-quality bags woven in looms.

Why we picked TAGARI?

TAGARI bags are so typically Greek but at the same time such statement pieces! The hand made embroidery make each bag special with designs that can be found in lost villages of rural Greece.

More about TAGARI

Grecian Chic (scarves)


Elena zournatzi has studied Graphic Design at Kingston University in London, and then took a Postgraduate 2D Cartoon Animation course at Central Saint Martins. Over the last years, she has been designing motives for Museums in Greece and Cyprus and collaborates with french Haute Couture Fashion House. Her motives are printed in porcelain, textiles and various paper products. All of the designs are to their finest detail hand pencil drawings on paper before colour is added to bring them to life! The final drawings are digitally printed on 100% pure twill silk and each scarf has a hand seam finish.

Why we picked Grecian Chic?

Elena is a lively and smiley person that makes your life more cheerful and so do her creations! Her scarves are beautiful pieces that you can wear in a million ways and enjoy any time of day or night! Any time of the year! Her sketches are so inspired by Greece but at the same time so cute and funny but above all elegant with amazing colours!

More about Grecian Chic and ways to wear your scarf

Roses Are Red (nightwear)


Roses Are Red is a luxury collection of elegant ensembles for lounging, addressing to men and women who choose high production & tailoring quality, attention to detail, pure fabrics and sophisticated design. The Roses Are Red philosophy focuses on the duality of the garments’ use, being at the same time a cozy, elegant lounging attire and, also, a head-turning stylish choice for going-out. It draws its inspiration from poetry and focuses on structural design.

Why we picked Roses Are Red?

Roses Are Red is probably the only Greek loungewear brand we have heard of but on top of that it is also made from the best fabrics. These poetry inspired pieces are adorable and also made in Greece.

More about Roses Are Red

Sun Of A Beach (beach towels and accessories)


Sun of a Beach creates cool beach towels inspired by long, hot summers on the Greek islands. Designers Melina Pispa and Ellie Rountou grew up with sand between their toes. Their childhood was spent chasing waves twice their size, skinny dipping by moonlight, and sailing into mind-blowing sunsets. Over the years, beach style became a lifestyle. As stylists and fashion designers, Ellie and Melina were always scouting for the coolest beach looks. Their collection of swimsuits and shades, bags and bangles, sunhats and sandals kept growing… But one essential accessory was missing: the perfect beach towel. So they set out to create a collection of luxury beach towels that look and feel fabulous. Every towel is made of pure, premium cotton that is amazingly lightweight, absorbent, and fluffy. Irresistibly soft, they are strong enough to withstand summer after summer of love.

Why we picked Sun Of A Beach?

Sun Of A Beach was the pioneer in the Greek beach towel trend and as such it did best! The brand celebrates summer and with all the amazing and so inspired collections it has, it was not possible not to be a part of MONO summer edition! The Sun of a Beach brand is the essence of summer: hot, fresh and fun. Striking fabrics in head-turning styles are designed to appeal to both men and women, with a hooded range for little urchins and baby beach bums. Each collection is inspired by the world’s most spectacular beaches – from the stark beauty of the Cyclades to the polished glamour of Capri, the sexy swagger of Rio to the surfer dudes of California.

More about Sun Of A Beach

Blanc (hats)

There is something about Blanc hats that we absolutely love and that is why we keep showing Konstantinia’s work again and again in MONO. This time, Blanc shows how beautifully the brand blends colours and materials and combines design, elegance and functionality.
Why we picked Blanc?
If you see the hats, you will understand..You will wear them all summer long..even at night…
Also, we love Blanc hats because each piece is hand crafted, unique and individual, incorporating traditional materials and modern techniques.

Haniotis (jewellery)

images (1)  images (3)images

Haniotis company was founded in 1975 by the jewellery designer Dimitris Haniotis. The careful selection of precious stones, the modern design and the impeccable production standards make the company creations the top choice for the most demanding shoppers. Today, after 35 years in the Greek market, Haniotis jewellery continue to keep the fine balance between being timeless and yet in line with the fashion trends. Some of the designer’s creations are exhibited in the British Museum of London and the Olympic Museum of Lausanne.

Why we picked Haniotis?

Haniotis design is significally influenced by painter like Salvador Dali and Benvenutto Cellini and like them, the designs manage to challenge the fine balance between imagination and reality, in their own unique way. We believe the Greek jewellery stand out among the best jewellery in the world and Haniotis creations fit perfectly our concept of elegance, chic but yet contemporary and fresh. For MONOspace NottingHill we brought you their “playful” summer collection..

More about Haniotis

Mala Siamptani (jewellery)

Cypriot born designer Mala Siamptani ,she always had an eye for the strange beauty, grandeur, mystery and dangers of nature; this appreciation is nowhere more evident than in her work. Examining organic forms, deriving from a vast research on microbiology, her focus is on diseased cells: bacteria, fungi or cancer cells. These cells try to take over the organism by altering cellular genetic constitution, which results in continuing to divide when they should not and so becoming rogue cells. Inspired by the relationship between the natural world and bilateral symmetry, her idea is to step out of the conventional jewellery/accessories context in order to develop unique series of precious objects.
Why we picked Mala Siamptani?
Mala’s creations stand out for their unique appearance and their intellectual materials. We haven’t seen any other jewellery like hers and we can’t wait for you to try them on!

Maria Mastori (jewellery)
mastori necklace
 Maria Mastori was born in Athens where she has established a longstanding career in the contemporary jewellery design. Her work as a designer and contemporary artist is well known for the past 30 years in Greece and abroad. Her work can be characterized for her bold, raw approach as well as the way she combines contradictory and sometimes quite different materials. Her love for precious and gemstones is also obvious.

Why we picked Maria Mastori?

Her love for editorial pieces and her aesthetics are the reasons we keep brining Maria Mastori’s creations in MONOspaces. Her summer collection is elegant but also very impressive and wearing a piece of her can elevate any of your outfits.

More about Maria Mastori

Virginia Tzioti (jewellery)
virginia tzioti
Virginia Tzioti was born and grew up in Athens, Greece and started her own jewellery brand in 2009 after spending 5 years studying different aspects of creating hand-made jewellery. Her further studies in Sculpture in The Athens School of Fine Arts was a turning point for her art as she redefined her views on volumes and spaces. Her creations are all hand-made and not based on drawings. She creates the pieces directly on silver or gold and then she treats them with metallization to give them further shades.

Why we picked Virginia Tzioti?

Virginia’s enthusiastic character and sense of elegance is the reason why we wanted to have her on board for MONO. We believe that her abstract jewellery exudes a Grecian sense but in a very contemporary context.

More about Virginia Tzioti

Tatiana Choremi (jewellery)

tatiana choremi

A design,a simple idea,can arise exactly at that precious instant, when you  are aware of the present moment;when you listen quietly to your higher inner shelf, that has something to say. These are some of Tatiana’s Choremi original designs that she brought to life,because they had a purpose. They have a story to tell.

Why we picked Tatiana Choremi?

Tatiana’s creations are made by thread and they inspired by the Greek sea and natural elements like sea urchins and tree leaves. Her pieces are to wear for a lifetime and each one of those has a story to tell…You can find all her stories below..

More about Tatiana Choremi

Isapera (sandals)
Isapera are hand made sandals made in Greece. They represent the elegance of the eternal greek sandal but with a modern twist. Minimalist but also comfortable, they fit with every outfit day to night!
Why we picked Isapera?
We have been wearing Isapera sandals ourselves for years and we could not wait to show them in MONOspace! With a great combination of colours and materials they make your outfit look effortless and trés chic at all times!

Melissanthi Spei (sculptural garments / window display)
Melissanthi Spei (9) Melissanthi Spei (4)
Melissanthi Spei is a graduate from MA Fashion Artefact at London College of Fashion. She previously studied Fashion Design for Industry at the School of Textiles and Design of Heriot Watt University and Art, Media and Design at University of Wales, Newport. Her heritage (coming from Greece) in combination with her creativity inspires her to create contemporary and sculptural garments. Part of her identity as a designer is to use industrial materials for something historical and old through the exploration of traditional arts and crafts and their projection to contemporary aesthetics. Her latest collection was presented among other graduates at Victoria House Basement during London Fashion Week and has been nominated as an Accessories Finalist for ITS International Talent Support 2013. She currently lives and works in London.
Why we picked Melissanthi Spei?

Her talent is obvious and her creations are breathtaking! We believe that Melissanthi’s work will be perfect for MONOspace NottingHill windows as she combines elegance with imagination and creates an atmosphere that matches exactly with what we are showing in MONO; Chic, contemporary Greek creations that leaves nobody indifferent!

More about Melissanthi Spei

MONOspace NottingHill

11 – 21 June 2015

81 Ledbury Road, W11 2AG, London

Opening Hours

Mon – Sat: 10am to 8pm

Sun: 11am to 6pm

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