MONOfashion film…trippin..

Leaving the city lights behind her…she is heading east, just a few days before Christmas.

The journey is short but slow just like the winter days in the countryside…

Equipped with only the necessary, she is entering the surreal context of hers – the world of the other – where life gets by peacefully and the days look alike…

As the Christmas Eve’s approaching candles are lighten up, attire is getting more festive, but what are those words whispered..?

Feelings..They wanna read each other’s minds…

The table is set and dinner will be served any time soon…

Who is wishing you Merry MONO Christmas this year..?

MONOspace XmasEdition / 09-20 December 2015 / W11 2AG / London

Film&Editing: Dimitris Dicky Bury
Art Direction: Myrsini Mokka
Additional Camera: Nikolas Kalantzopoulos
Backstage Camera: Kris Sarris
Production: Niovi Lak
Styling: MONO
Models: Anna Theodorakopoulou, Dimitra Gkoutzamani
Hair&MakeUp: Vaya Niklitsa
“Dry Air” by Podington Bear
Special Thanks to Vitora Estate
One on One / Dido / Wakiki Andros / Chicuel / Crochelle / JUJU de KOKIMO / Pepper Vally / Aisha Diri / The Line Project / Vassiliki Charitou / Monochrome / MI-RO / Milk & Honey
Virginia Tzioti / Tree.In.Blossom / Zoe Kompitsi / DaphneP / Haniotis / Bijoux Bizarres/ Katerina Ioannidis
blanc (hats) / Thalassa Collection (scarves/ties) / Katia Delatola (scarves)
Ohhhmydog (pet accessories) / Onar Candles / Patkiout (stationery)

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