MONO presents its Greek Designers for MONOspace XmasEdition

A fresh group of Greek designers is about to launch in MONOspace XmasEdition..Read all about them and create your wish list for this Christmas!

one on one (knitwear)

oneonone2 2

one on one is a contemporary collection entirely crafted by hand. Based in Athens Greece , oneonone has assembled an amazing team of women whose life is bonded with nature, colour, and traditional skills . Those skills, which date back centuries, matched with extreme passion bring out a natural 3D effect, unique for each piece.

Why we picked one on one?

Because One on One is One of a kind handmade items all made in Greece. With their natural wools and through the diversity of their experiences, passions and networks they create clothing that make each of us unique.

More about one on one

Chicuel (womenswear)


Chicuel is a new brand by Eleni Kopaneva-Georgopoulou that combines beautiful patterns with simple lines in wearable clothes for contemporary women.

Why we picked Chicuel?

We discovered Chicuel randomly but not accindentaly as it is proven to be one of our favourite designers for MONOspace xmasedition. Her patterns are simply beautiful and her designs so easy that you will want to wear them every day!

More about Chicuel

Katia Delatola (scarves)

katia delatola

Katia grew up in Athens, Greece. At the age of 19 she went to California to study Experimental Animation at Calarts. In 2003 she moved to London to do her Masters in Design Studies at Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design. In 2003 she founded Twisted Classics and so her journey in Fashion began.

Why we picked Katia Delatola?

For her elegance, for her amazing prints and her beautiful silk! You will love her scarves as much as we do!

More about Katia Delatola

Tree.In.Blossom (jewellery)


Nefeli Karyofylli is a jewellery designer born in 1983.Her work is based on Greece s folklore tradition with a special twist based on her individual sense of humour. She creates a whole world combining colors, animals and body parts making her own talismans for us to keep. The materials are mostly hand-engraved brass and fabric. She lives and works in Athens.

Why we picked Tree.In.Blossom?

For they are beautiful jewels that combine traditional Greek themes with a romantic twist that ultimately look very contemporary and that you can wear all year long!

More about Tree.In.Blossom

Crochelle (womenswear)


By growing up in Africa and traveling around the world from an early age, Maria’s Triantafillou life was infused with an exotic and multicultural essence. The diversity of pictures, colors, tastes and sentiments, collected all these years, by different cultures and the need to express her emotions, led her to Crochelle in 2005.

In Crochelle, knitted laces, sometimes even handmade, offer a sence of romance popping out of the past, while colors catch your eye as they appear competing in vibrant combinations, creating some kind of dialogue.

Why we picked Crochelle?

The inspiring aura of Maria captured us from the first time we met her! Her creations is like a dialogue between different decades, colours and materials and the handmade crochet details on her garments are romantic and a proof that crochet can still be in fashion!

More about Crochelle

Waikiki Andros (womenswear)


Waikiki Andros is a carefully designed and crafted collection of limited pieces for women. The Beautiful and Elegant Kiki’s creations are made from the finest material in Athens and are sold exclusively in her shop in Waikiki in Andros.

Why we picked Waikiki Andros?

We fell in love at first sight with Kiki and her designs the moment we laid our eyes and hands on her creations last summer in Andros island. We feel privileged to work with her for MONOspace xmas edition and for being able to show you first her new exclusive collection that fir perfectly with our concept of winter times in rural areas..

More about Waikiki Andros

Zoe Kompitsi (jewellery)

zoe kompitsi

Inspired by her heritage and childhood, Zoe Kompitsi brings life to timeless symbols and motif through her trend-setting jewellery collection. Drawing inspiration from the power of classic Greek symbols, Zoe Kompitsi’s eclectic designs symbolize good luck, positive energy and protection. Delicately handcrafted by weaving cotton thread with semi-precious stones and diamonds, each soulful piece is one-of-a-kind and designed to radiate a positive glow.

Why we picked Zoe Kompitsi?

Her sophisticated style meets the needs of a modern lady for beautiful and easy to wear jewels with a meaning.

More about Zoe Kompitsi

Vassiliki Charitou (womenswear)

vassiliki charitou

“Vassiliki Charitou” apparel brand established by Vicky Charitou based in Athens, produces simple designs, with unique fabrics and dynamic lines. Clothes take form on the female body and then… something different is born. “VassilikiCharitou” brings out the elegance through the empowerment of woman status.

The first ever collection of Vassiliki is dedicated to denim, a fabric much loved by all which is still very much in fashion! Her designs are unique, fun and amusing and it would be hard to choose your favourite!

Why we picked Vassiliki Charitou?

She is young, beautiful with a great vision for her fashion and a super driven person! We believe in her creations which we loved before we even seen them live!

More about Vassiliki Charitou

Milk & Honey (womenswear)


Elvira, who is the designer of the Milk & Honey collections, has studied Interior Architecture at the University of Brighton and has a strong involvement with painting and fine arts. The influence of her background studies, is visible through the structured silhouettes and architectural forms, dominating the brands identity.

Combining structure with fluidity and movement, while mixing traditional principles of design with contemporary elements in an original way, Milk & Honey clothes are ideal for those who want to stand out, but also retain their personal style.

Why we picked Milk & Honey?

For its sophisticated but youthful garments which incoorporate different elements from the zeitgeist of our era.

More about Milk & Honey

BLANC (hats)


Konstantinia Vafeiadou founded her brand Blanc for a unique collection of handmade hats in 2012, in Athens. She studied Fine Arts and Costume design at London College of Fashion and worked as a freelance costume designer for theatre productions and produced a number of performances presented in festivals and theatres around the world. In 2011 she represented Greece in Extreme Costume section of Prague Quadrennial, the most influential set design exhibition worldwide. Her passion for craftsmanship and design inspired her to experiment on millinery techniques and explore the boundaries between fashion and art.

Why we picked Blanc?

Because she keeps surprising us every season with the most beautiful hats ever!

Also, we love Blanc hats because each piece is hand crafted, unique and individual, incorporating traditional materials and modern techniques.

More about BLANC

The Line Project (womenswear)


Simplicity and timelessness are the words that descibe best the aesthetics of The Line Project. With Natural colours, beautiful fabrics and clear lines, THE LINE PROJECT is our go to for cool but versatile wardrobe staples.

Why we picked The Line Project?

Designed and creating by mother and daughter, The Line Project With both comfort and style at the forefront of its design philosophy, it is a Greek brand that will work perfectly for you day and night!

More about The Line Project

Aisha Quo et Ventus (womenswear)


aisha diri 2

Aisha started her journey in the world of fashion by completing her studies in London.

After briefly working in Milan for several brands in the manufacturing sector she returned home to fulfill her dream ofl aunching her own label of clothing and accessories.

Geometric forms inspire her work with a focus on high quality materials and refined craftsmanship
made in Athens Greece.

She aspires to create sophisticated clothing with a contemporary feel suitable for all hours of the day.

Why we picked Aisha Quo Et Ventus?

For the professionalism and perfectionism that characterise Aisha as a person but also reflect on her collections! One of the youngest and most emerging designers in Greece right now!

More about Aisha Quo Et Ventus

dido (womenswear)


Dido Pitaouli studied at Central Saint Martins, London and Istituto Marangoni, Paris before moving back to her hometown to launch her own clothing line.

Why we picked dido?

Still one of MONO’s favourite emerging designers in Greece, Dido’s collection for A/W 16 is once again beautiful, contemporary and inspiring as she mixes great materials like silk and fur with feminine designs.

More about dido

Virginia Tzioti (jewellery)


Virginia Tzioti was born and grew up in Athens, Greece and started her own jewellery brand in 2009 after spending 5 years studying different aspects of creating hand-made jewellery. Her further studies in Sculpture in The Athens School of Fine Arts was a turning point for her art as she redefined her views on volumes and spaces. Her creations are all hand-made and not based on drawings. She creates the pieces directly on silver or gold and then she treats them with metallization to give them further shades.

Why we picked Virginia Tzioti?

For her unlimited imagination when it comes to jewellery. Her abstract designs were so much loved in MONOspace NottingHill that we had to have them again this time for you to see how many amazing pieces of jewellery this girl can create!

More about Virginia Tzioti

Pepper Vally (knitwear)

pepper vally

Pepper Vally was founded in 2005 by Spiros Fragos with his parther and fashion designer, Aliki Goritsa.

They both studied textile engineering in Technological University of Piraeus in Athens, Greece and have a unique combination of knowledge in knitting technology. Spiros is specialised in Knitwear Pattern Programming and Aliki, as a Master Title graduate in Textile and Fashion Design from Reutilngen University in Germanu, coordinates the creative and designing sector.

Having as equipment new age Stoll knitting machines, the company is specialized in knitwear only, keeping the production phase from the idea to the final production in factory. The basic promise of Pepper Vally team is the experimentation of new forms and knit-techniques for each cloth in each collection, so each piece to be authentic and unique.

Why we picked Pepper Vally?

We haven’t met many creatives in Greece that actually do all the production from scratch themselves and we were very impressed with Pepper Vally’s knitwear as they create according an alternative view in knitwear philosophy. For Pepper Vally it is all about a contemporary but also workable way of designing “love” pieces.

More about Pepper Vally

Juju De Kokimo (womenswear)


“Juju” in an African dialect means the good spell, while Kokimo was the one of the daughters of Atlas. The “charm of the warrior” in a free translation includes pieces, designed by Tzo Babaris, that keep you safe and make you feel strong. Her influences are from her travels as well as the magical world of the fairy tales.

Why we picked Juju De Kokimo?

Because the designer sources the finest fabrics and materials from all over the world and creates one off pieces, using Japanese silk, velvet, wool and cotton that are machine washable and have no chemicals. Tzo creates pieces unique and careful to the very last detail. Every garment has its own story and we truly believe the people of MONO Xmas Edition would love to engage with these.

More about Juju De Kokimo

Kooreloo (bags)


Kooreloo is a distinguishable brand of unique HANDBAGS and more.

It was born out of artist Lila Karagianni’s realization that European chic and the Mediterranean tradition invited for an unforced, if not natural, combination. Each creation blends together the idiosyncratic modern personality of the artist with local materials that come directly from the glorious heritage of Greece. Traditional weave, semiprecious stones, luxurious, one-of-a-kind fabrics. These bags are handcrafted with exceptional care and are better described as art objects.

But there is more. All kooreloo creations have a secret: when opened, splashes of Mediterranean colors are released. You can almost sense the scents of grapes, cobs and roses.

Why we picked Kooreloo?

For the amazing concept of creating bags out of “koureloudes”, the traditional rugs that Greeks have been using in rural areas of the country. The idea, the production and the final product are all done in inpecable standards and the bags will leave you with an open mouth!

More about Kooreloo

Bijoux Bizzares (jewellery)


Bijoux Bizarres started as a study on mediterranean jewellery and for their initiators it has become a magnificent journey from tradition to fashion. The creative team of Bijoux Bizarres draws inspiration from mythology, history and tradition, also using modern forms & abstraction in order to design their unique pieces of style. Dominating patterns of Bijoux Bizarres demonstrate clear references to the mediterranean mentality: appreciation of beauty, simplicity, strength, pride but also contradiction and vanity.

Why we picked Bijoux Bizarres?

We thought that presenting a series of head pieces and accessories for the hair is not an every day thing and we are excited to show you Bijoux Bizarres collection for MONOspace XmasEdition! Desgined in Symi (a tiny island in Greece) and produced in Athens, we suggest that all ladies should wear golden jewels in their hair this season!

More about Bijoux Bizarres

Monochrome (womenswear)


Monochrome was established in early 2015 by Emma Papaioannou who moved to London to study Fashion and Advertising at University of the Arts which prepared her for a career in fashion. Having grown up in the industry, through a family business of fashion retail, was certainly a major influence for the next steps to come. Made in Greece, Monochrome is a connection of all time classic designs with edgy details, while its name is a contradiction to emphasize the prints and patterns of each collection. Relaxed but feminine at the same time, the brand focuses heavily at the textiles that will be used in production.

The inspiration behind Monochrome was that of transcending time, based on the idea of eternal style.

Why we picked Monochrome?

Because of it’s minimal lines for effortless cool, and it is because it is designed by an everyday girl for the everyday girl!

More about Monochrome

Roses Are Red (nightwear)


Roses Are Red is a luxury collection of elegant ensembles for lounging, addressing to men and women who choose high production & tailoring quality, attention to detail, pure fabrics and sophisticated design. The Roses Are Red philosophy focuses on the duality of the garments’ use, being at the same time a cozy, elegant lounging attire and, also, a head-turning stylish choice for going-out. It draws its inspiration from poetry and focuses on structural design.

Why we picked Roses Are Red?

Roses Are Red is back this season with a tremendusly beautiful colelction of pieces to wear in and out of your nest. These poetry inspired pieces are adorable and also made in Greece.

More about Roses Are Red

Daphne P (jewellery)


Daphne P is a jewelry designer and co-owner of Marianna Petridi | jewelry shop. Growing up in her mother’s atelier, surrounded by gems, precious alloys and designs of several artists, it was inevitable for her to carry on the family tradition. Her studies in social sciences contributed to her personality since terms such as collaboration and communication are embedded in her work. She launched her first collection in 2007 and continued her work with unlimited passion ever since.

Daphne has an honest approach to her designs and she is personally involved with all aspects of her work. Her primary concern is to create jewels that highlight the personality of each individual.

Why we picked Daphne P?

For their beautifully crafted and endlessly elegant wearable by all ages!

More about Daphne P

Thalassa Collection (ties, scarves)


Designed in Greece and handmade in Italy, Thalassa Collection showcases a unique array of elegant silk ties. Their creations are crisp and classic accentuating the brand’s passion and appreciation of the arts, with a classical Greek undertone.

THALASSA COLLECTION is located in Athens, Greece and specializes in the design and production of scarves , ties and shawls .

Mainly inspired by the Greek tradition and history, all the patterns are exclusively designed in Athens atelier and printed on fine fabrics such as silk cashmere and cotton.

The obsession in every single detail, the use of fine quality materials and the incredibly rich variety of colors are the key element that define the world of THALASSA COLLECTION.

Why we picked Thalassa Collection?

One of the oldest shops in the centre of Athens that we always visit due to its amazing windows and beautiful colours! We are big fans of their thick scarves –perfect for the cold winter days and nights and we are in love with their new collection for men’s ties!

More about Thalassa Collection

Haniotis (jewellery)

haniotis 1haniotis2

Haniotis company was founded in 1975 by the jewellery designer Dimitris Haniotis. The careful selection of precious stones, the modern design and the impeccable production standards make the company creations the top choice for the most demanding shoppers. Today, after 35 years in the Greek market, Haniotis jewellery continue to keep the fine balance between being timeless and yet in line with the fashion trends. Some of the designer’s creations are exhibited in the British Museum of London and the Olympic Museum of Lausanne.

Why we picked Haniotis?

The Haniotis Christmas charms are well known in Greece for they are elegant, cute and amusing! “Illusions”, the other series of the designer’s collection that we are hosting in MONOspace XmasEdition are beautiful designs that will add glam to your Christmas outfits.

More about Haniotis

Katerina Ioannidis (jewellery)


Katerina Ioannidis and Nicolas Navrozidis, partners in life and founders of the brand live together and work in Thessaloniki. Katerina comes from a very old Greek family of goldsmiths with origins from Istanbul. Continuing her family tradition Katerina is the Founder and Chief Designer of KATERINA IOANNIDIS & CO. jewelry firm. She loves tulips, Rothko & flea market shopping.

We design and produce handmade GOLD and silver contemporary jewelry. Our work can be identified as ‘studio craft’ demonstrating a conscious subversion of the materials and techniques used in traditional goldsmith. We use gold, silver, precious and semiprecious stones in combination with everyday objects such as nylon fibres, feathers and silk threads.

Every item is the result of research and contemporary designing bearing references to ethnography inspired by Greek folk art as well as other nation’s heritage. Handcrafted objects painstakingly executed in limited edition. These are elements that render our designs unique, timeless and precious.

Why we picked Katerina Ioannidis?

Although Katerina is based in Thessaloniki, the second largest town of Greece, her designs are much loved all around Greece. Her “coins” collection as well as her Charms are so greek but yet so beautiful and contemporary that we believe all MONO visitors will feel a bit more Greek by wearing them!

More about Katerina Ioannidis

Grace Atelier de Luxe (clutches)


Born in Greece, with Italian and Egyptian roots, Grace K. is the designer behind Grace Atelier De Luxe. She grew up in an art infused family environment; her art and fashion loving mother and grandmother and her entrepreneur father have been her strongest influences so far.

After graduating from the University of Piraeus with a degree in Industrial Production and Engineering, Grace studied Fashion Design at London College of Fashion. Upon her return to Athens, Grace set up her personal utopia named Grace Atelier De Luxe – a concept lying somewhere between a workshop, a gallery and a design studio. In Grace Atelier de Luxe the designer presented her limited edition eveningwear, bridal gowns, jewelry and accessories to handpicked clients. Her bespoke creations quickly became sought-after a very dedicated, refined local clientele, while her fine jewellery collections were showcased at the infamous Benaki museum and the Theocharakis foundation. Grace injected her eclectic aesthetic into a line of artful, colorful clutch bags featuring unexpected combinations of traditional hand-woven fabrics, semi-precious stones and bejeweled metal hardware, named GRACE EDITION. In spring 2014, Grace launched a second line, GRACE ATELIER DE LUXE, which precisely embodies her signature, austere artistic vision. GRACE ATELIER DE LUXE made its debut as a luxury leather goods line, consisting of handcrafted bags created with the use of traditional – almost extinct – techniques. Inspired by her mother’s staple style during the 70’s and early 80’s, Grace added her own wild flair into the mix. The new line, her most personal project so far, immediately caught international media attention. Saira Maino of Vogue Italia selected Grace as one of the WINNERS of the Wowcracy/VOGUE TALENTS contest in July 2014 giving the new line’s unveiling an excellent boost.

Why we picked Grace Atelier de Luxe?

Grace K. is designing her own textiles and applies them on beautiful evening clutches that you will hold for all your night outs!

More about Grace Atelier de Luxe

Onar Candles 


Onar Superior Ambience Fragrances was born from our love for beautiful design, magical fragrances and the need to combine these and add a note of luxury in our everyday life.

With Onar Superior Ambience Fragrances Home perfuming is becoming an object of luxurious decoration. Onar fragrances offer a wide choice of candles and reed diffusers  in carefully selected bottles and containers.

Onar Candles brings a new dimension to the everyday candle, illuminating your days and nights, enhancing the beauty of your space while perfuming and bringing you memories, magical moments and beautiful sensation.

All this and many many more in combination with the master craftsmanship and the highest quality available materials is the commitment of our company to you and to our environment.

We created candles and diffusers whit magical fragrances and we transferred ourselves and the people close to us to magical journey in a world of dreams.

Why we picked Onar Candles?

Meeting Vaya and Simos, the couple behind the beautiful Onar Candles and after visiting their workshop where they produce all candles themselves, we realized that this team really makes everything by hand and we are proud we discovered that they produce such amazing products right at the back of their shop in Kifisia, Athens. Come by MONOspace to smell their tasty candles and you will keep asking for more!

More about Onar Candles

Patkiout (stationery)


Patkiout productions is is a group of Greek artists, established in 2008. Founding members of the group are childhood friends Fotini Potamia – photographer & illustrator – and Christina Sapouna – graphic designer & bookbinder.

Up to now, pat kiout productions has illustrated and published eight annual pocket calendars, with drawings and poems from artists and poets from all over the world. The group is interested in paper & handmade stuff as well as in collaboration among artists,focusing always on the non-merchandising of art.

Why we picked Patkiout?

Two girls behind a project that is practical and at the same time sophisticated and beautiful! Patkiout products are just perfect for Christmas presents and there are all made in beautiful Thessaloniki!

More about Patkiout

Ohhhmydog (Pet toys and accessories)

ohhh2 ohhh1

Ohhhmydog features unique pieces for pet lifestyle, designed and handcrafted with deep care by us, in order to keep the whole production exquisite and local. Our stylish collection offers comfortable products for pets and pet lovers which integrate perfectly into every modern interior.

Remember, all our products are handmade from premium eco-friendly materials, with love in Greece. Handle with tenderness, hand wash only, knock on the wood (hanging from each of our pieces) for good luck and enjoy the company of your beloved pet.

Why we picked Ohhhmydog?

Because we love pets and so do our customers! Beautiful pet toys for our little friends made with love in Greece!

More about Ohhhmydog

A Future Perfect (Christmas Gifts)

a future perfect

A Future Perfect is an Athens-based concept-brand, established in 2013 by architects Katerina Grigoropoulou and Evi Sougkara . AFP products and projects stretch between the fields of industrial, fashion and spatial design, created under the strong influence of their architectural background.

The team engages in creative collaborations and customized products development that meet clients’ certain needs. Katerina and Evi, have worked in various scale and design approach projects, including collaborations with well-known architectural offices as well as private and public sector clients.

Why we picked A Future Perfect?

The two gifted architects behind the brand, Katerina and Evi created a special kit for our little youngsters! We loved it and we are sure kids will adore it!

More about A Future Perfect

Maria Tagalou (artist)

maria tagalou

Maria is a passionate and a multitasking designer, coming from a very artistic family. Everything she creates reflects her character and style which can only be characterised as theatrical and unique. For MONOspace xmas edition, Maria is invited to do our window and we can only expect to see something magical from her.

More about Maria Tagalou

MONOspace XmasEdition / 09-20 December 2015 / W11 2AG / London

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