MONO presents its Greek Designers for MONOspace Islington

Two weeks away from the launch of MONOspace Islington and it is about time to let you know our secret…

..beautiful things can be found in small MONOspaces..

So, here are the designers for the cutest MONOspace so far..


Most Chic (sandals)

most chic1

Most Chic sandals are an exclusive collection inspired by the powerful statues of ancient Grecian heroines with a modern minimalistic twist.
All designs can be characterized as the ideal combination between simplicity , elegance and modern aesthetic.
The Most Chic sandals are 100% handcrafted in Greece using the finest quality of materials.

Why we picked Most Chic?

For their “earthy” colours and sophisticated designs!

More about Most Chic

Ancient Kallos (cover ups)

Lamprini & Stella are two sisters from Thessaloniki who are behind the first purely Greek Resort wear brand. Stella has been educated in fashion design having applied her knowledge in the Greek fashion industry for the past 20 years . Lamprini has a degree in Civil engineering having experience in the architectural design, building construction and interior design of houses and hotel units.
In 2014, Ancient Kallos was created as a result of the cooperation of the two ladies. This alliance confirms the direct relationship between the fashion aspect and the architectural one.

Why we picked Ancient Kallos?

Their creations made of natural fibres, mainly cotton fabrics, lace and silk are the epitome of chic beach-wear and since it is inspired by the Greek islands and it is made there, it could not be more MONOlike!

More about Ancient Kallos

KYMA (sandals)

Kyma pays tribute to the sea with its distinctive blue sole and its name which in Greek means “wave”.
Kyma sandals elevate the tradition of timeless Greek concepts to higher quality standards by producing everything in Greece and by using a range of fine genuine leathers.

Why we picked KYMA?

All the above reasons are more than enough, no?

More about KYMA

MARMAROMETRY (jewellery)

Xenia Nefelly Vlachou is the designer and creator of the brand Marmarometry. Her studies began in Athens and continued in Rome at the “Accademia di Costume e di Moda”, with a major in Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing. In 2015 she created the brand Marmarometry. Since then, her jewels are placed in more than 50 stores through wholesale, in Greece and abroad.

Why we picked MARMAROMETRY?

Marmaro in Greek means marble and MARMAROMETRY is about what happens when Marble meets Geometry. Xenia Nefelly is using greek marbles to make statement but minimalistic jewellery while in her studio in Paros, one of the most well-known islands of the Cyclades. So, you have to see these pieces!


t.e.PAREO (pareos)

t.e.PAREO brand was created by Tanya (t) Dimitrakopoulou and Eleni (e) Prablanc in spring 2012. The inspiration is drawn by Greece’s unique light, landscapes and colours. Greek summer iconic features such as bright bougainvilleas on white island houses, shiny pebbles found on favourites beaches, the unique architecture of Cycladic villages, inspire every year our limited edition printed designs.

Why we picked t.e.PAREO?

Pareos, these small pieces of fabric- is all we need while we are on our summer holidays! Especially if those are made of high-quality cotton fabrics, either gauze or traditional cotton sheeting fabric as this is seen and used in small Greek villages! Wear them as a dress, a skirt or a scarf and you will immediately relate to Greek islands’ distinctive scenery.

More about t.e.PAREO

Daphne P (jewellery)

Daphne P is a jewelry designer and co-owner of Marianna Petridi | jewelry shop. Growing up in her mother’s atelier, surrounded by gems, precious alloys and designs of several artists, it was inevitable for her to carry on the family tradition. Her studies in social sciences contributed to her personality since terms such as collaboration and communication are embedded in her work. She launched her first collection in 2007 and continued her work with unlimited passion ever since.

Daphne has an honest approach to her designs and she is personally involved with all aspects of her work. Her primary concern is to create jewels that highlight the personality of each individual.

Why we picked Daphne P?

Because she is fun and cool and so it is her art!

More about Daphne P

ESIOT (sandals)

ESIOT™ sandals are a combination of The Gladiator sandals that were worn in the arena by the gladiators, the Creepers mostly worn by soldiers based in the deserts, in North Africa, in World War II and the Espadrilles, firstly worn by the catalano-aragonese military soldiers

Born in Athens and raised in Tinos Island, the designer Irene Sioti in 2013 won the National Competition for Greek Young Designers of FEA, earning a scholarship from Studio Nafa in Toronto, Canada.

Why we picked ESIOT?

These sandals that are characterised by their minimal, dynamic lines but yet they look so greek to us! Manufactured in Greece by local craftsmen, with 100% leather, high-quality VIBRAM® sole and colourful anatomical gels, these premium handmade sandals will not leave your feet all summer long!

More about ESIOT

Tatiana Choremi (jewellery)

She started her brand in 2008 and she had been the first to make handmade jewellery with threads. Since then, her collection is been organically developed and her fans are growing equally. Tatiana spends her days on the island of Egina and her creations are always inspired by natures.

Why we picked Tatiana Choremi?

MONOspace will showcase some older and some newer designs of Tatiana’s jewellery because our customers just love them and keep asking for them!

More about Tatiana Choremi

Grecian Chic (silk scarves)

Elena Zournatzi in 2011, at the beginning of a summer holiday when accompanied by the warmth of the greek sun and the dark blue of the Aegean sea, she had this idea; to combine the elegance of the silk with the strong culture of her birth country.  All of the designs are to their finest detail hand pencil drawings on paper before colour is added to bring them to life! The final drawings are digitally printed on 100% pure twill silk and each scarf has a hand seam finish.

Why we picked Grecian Chic?

After MONOspace Notting Hill and the great success of our collaboration, Grecian Chic’s new scarves had to be part of MONOspace again! The Grecian Holidays scarf says it all…

More about Grecian Chic

Hermina Wristwear (jewellery)

Inspired by many different cultures, all jewels are handmade one by one using versatile materials. Silver or brass elements are combined with colorful cotton tassels, semi-precious stones and gemstones.

Why we picked Hermina Wristwear?

Konstantina, the young designer behind the brand Hermina Wristwear, inspired us for a very boho-chic summer and her creations are so easy to wear and yet so “eye-catchy” that you’d wear them all day and night long

More about Hermina Wristwear

Cleo Gatzeli (cover ups & towels)

cleo final 1cleo1

“Cleo Gkatzeli” is a designer brand launched in the market in 2011. It’s all about uniqueness & inspired creativity. The designer -behind the brand- aims to help people feel special when they use, wear or carryone of the products of her collection.

Why we picked Cleo Gatzeli?

Cleo creates what she misses from her wardrobe and then she realizes that she was not the only one missing a boho beach towel or a bohemian like dress/pareo that you can wear from day to night either on a sunny island of a crowded city! We love Cleo’s creations and so will you!

More about Cleo Gatzeli

Rainy July (clutches)

These super cute clutches will steal your hearts after you realize that YES they are clutches and not swimming caps! These classic old swimming caps from a factory in Peloponnese are being hand-sewn into bags, trimmed with real leather and close with a zipper. The designer’s  grandmother, Erifili was one of the most stylish women the designer has ever known – half- Italian, half-Greek, she would visit the hairdresser at least twice a week so he could tease and style her tumbling blonde curls. Her favorite memories of her involve a day at Rafina beach, when she would stash her beautiful hair safely inside a chic swimming cap, slip on her mustard yellow bathing suit and lounge there, dipping in the sea occasionally whenever she finished a magazine.

Why we picked Rainy July?

A total sold out in our previous summer pop up..we had to have them again!

More about Rainy July

LOOMhandmade (bags)

LOOMhandmade is a unique brand creating one-off pieces by using exclusively the traditional and manual cretan looms from the 1910’s. All the material LOOMhandmade is using are natural and cretan also like the techniques it id using to made these bags which the team picked up from their grandmothers!

Why we picked LOOMhandmade?

Starting their journey from Ancient Lappa in Crete, these bags -woven with such grace and artistry- feel as unique as MONO and we believe their journey is going to be long and beautiful.

More about LOOMhandmade

Ploos Design (homeware & design)

Georgia and Angelika  -the duo behind the fresh brand called Ploos Design, are inspired by every little thing in their daily lives and the result is a line of various products for everyday use.

The first thing we want for our products is to keep the authenticity of greek culture in order to be distinguished.

Why we picked Ploos Design?

We love design and beautiful things! With Ploos Design’s products you actually see the authenticity of the greek culture and this is what makes them special!

More about Ploos Design

Nivo Soap

This unique boutique soap makers workshop from Crete use local and traditional techniques of producing  high-quality soaps emphasizing on the natural ingredients and of course the packaging materials.
In Nivo Soap, they like to play around with the smells by mixing and creating unique ones. They enjoy to play around with colours and images and they always come up with original combinations -not usual for soap but very soft for the skin!

Why we picked Nivo Soap?

For they are doing something unique, while based in Crete and with a great Ethos that is rare in our days! Besides, we are soap collectors..we had to have their soaps!

More about Nivo Soap

Joy of Existence (homeware)

joyofexistence final

Joy of Existence is a collection of colourful lifestyle products designed to elicit joy! Whimsical hand drawn designs in vibrant colours are individually printed on fabric and transformed into a variety of accessories. Inspiration is drawn from spontaneous joyful folk art from all over the world as well from the artist’s native country of Greece.

Designed by Maria Kyriakopoulou, Joy of Existence is a love project many years in the making. The items are all made in Greece supporting several small businesses.

Why we picked Joy of Existence?

Exclusively sold in MONOspace Islington, Joy of Existence is a very fresh project which will fill our shop with colours and joy!


More about Joy of Existence

Oreanthi (herbal tea)

Oreanthi is Sophia Yota and Eleni. Three women with successful careers in the fields of Marketing, Advertising, Research and Greek Botany who went to school together and have remained close friends. Their Mission is to produce high quality Greek herbal infusions using native whole leaf herbs masterfully blended with flowers to produce novel, interesting and unique tasting blends which enhance wellbeing, the Greek way.


Why we picked Oreanthi?

Greece is blessed with an abundance of wild herbs, flowers and plants many of them indigenous, extremely rare and unique in taste and potency.  This richness and diversity of flora is due to the country’s Mediterranean climate and geological formations (Mountains, gorges, valleys, rivers and islands).
Since we love Greece, we love its tea..and when we mixed the blends and had an iced tea out of them it was so good that we agreed we have to offer it to you and tell us what you think!

More about Oreanthi

MONOspace Islington

11 – 25 May 2016

191 Upper Street, N1 2UQ, London

Opening Hours

Mon – Sat: 10am to 8pm

Sun: 11am to 7pm


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